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Mobile Healthcare

Let’s face it…the healthcare industry is in rapid and dramatic change!

  • Healthcare consumers are demanding more control over their health.
  • Innovators are rolling out new mobile apps for health.  (Many are not medical companies.)
  • From smart phones to medical devices, kiosks to apps, the mobile healthcare industry is experiencing explosive growth.
  • With the abundance of promise in this field, are you going to get your share?

DECIDE to work with a technology team who knows terms like 837s, HINs and EMRs.  Get what you need, easily, from DECIDE Mobility.  Traditionally, healthcare has not embraced customer-focused technology in the past.  Yet, compared to other industries, healthcare has the most to gain by harnessing the power of technology and satisfying customer demand.

More than ever before, you need an IT partner to help you respond to your patients and your own business needs.  The time to embrace mobile health is now.  You won’t find a substitute for DECIDE’s experience in both technology and the healthcare industry.  Whether you are a payer, clinic, clearinghouse, hospital or any other health market segment, DECIDE to increase bottom-line profit by offering mobile applications.

  • Give patients better information about their health on a device they carry with them.
  • Increase efficiency as a provider who gets the information you need quicker.
  • Get paid sooner by improving AR and ensuring all claims are paid timely.
  • Create marketing buzz with patients talking about your helpful health app.


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