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App Exploration

It starts with an idea.  You’ve thought of an app concept that can make a difference…fill a need…make an impact.  Maybe no one else has thought of the idea.  You then use your idea to come up with a plan.  When you share the plan for your idea, everyone positively thinks it is great.  How can you miss?  After all, apps are where everything is happening today.

mobile process chart REALITY CHECK:  There are many ways to encounter disappointment and even outright failure in app development.  Do you have the experience to find the “holes” in the plan?

Hire an expert to save your thousands.  DECIDE Mobility specializes in helping innovative app developers find the holes and gaps in their plans – before the app is released to the marketplace.  DECIDE is a good partner who is not afraid to tell you the facts and ask hard questions.  Even though you may not like someone to question your ideas, it is much better than making a $50,000 mistake – Right?

Our App Exploration service blends research, consulting and technology expertise to:

  • Clarify your app plan by researching and validating available technology possibilities.
  • Gain confidence to move forward with a detailed outline of your goals, planning strategy and business case studies.
  • Have the tools you need to do it properly with platform issues resolved and defined parameters of the application.
  • Be assured of a positive business impact with validated user experience testing.
  • Plan Marketing and Social Strategy.  Even the best ideas may be unknown to the user.  We help you with step-by-step plans to harness the power of marketing using social media and other methods.

 My Baby is Beautiful

Sometimes you are simply too close to the idea to see the real issues.  You might get blinded by the proverbial trees and miss the clear path to the forest of success.  It’s called being human.  Even when it all seems so clear, the view from the inside is usually distorted.  Call on the team at DECIDE Mobility to give you a gentle, or maybe a hard, push to get things moving in the right direction.

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