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Retailing of Healthcare

Competitive market spaces mean most options, better customer services, and cheaper alternatives for consumers. This works for all industries, even healthcare.

It is almost impossible to walk into a drug store, grocery store or wholesale outlet without seeing some sort of healthcare service option. They are everywhere, very convenient and easily accessible for us as the consumer.

The closer that healthcare gets to the consumer the cheaper it becomes and the more options we have.

Running on the heels of this retail healthcare phenomenon is the equivalent of a healthcare ATM – the kiosk. These are popping up all around us and you may not have even noticed.

Next time you are in a mall, take a look around and notice the stores dedicated to healthcare and preventative care – there are kiosks designed for each part of entire human body, head to toe. From head and neck massages, to teeth whitening, hearing aids, chiropractic’s, foot care, joint care and more. Wellness and overall health resonates with customers and is an easy fit in retail.

These retail options are cheap and convenient. As American’s, we are always looking into competitive options that help keep our wallets full. This retailization of healthcare will continue to grow and benefit the average consumer in need of wellness and healthcare supplies. It will also continue to grow with technology, which means better and more tech-friendly kiosks for all your health and wellness needs.

What was the last healthcare related item you bought in a retail location? Do you see these kiosks around your mall?

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