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Prescriptions, Pharmacies, and [web]Pages.

Prescription drugs are a now standard part of the adult american’s life. It is not unusual to have a cabinet filled with a plethora of medications, and the daily process of managing pills can be an immense hassle. In extreme cases, medication confusion can cause serious emergencies and have potentially fatal consequences. Missing a dose of prescription medication can be just as dangerous as taking the wrong medication, so keeping on top of refills is essential. Sometimes it is difficult to judge how early to call it in and easy to forget to pick it up or call it in in the first place. Some people have trouble getting to the pharmacy to pick up their prescription, due to transportation or mobility issues. Certainly there must be a way for the digital solutions so prevalent in this culture to address this needy field.

One company is coming up with such a solution. PillPack is a new website that operates as an “online pharmacy”, a mail order prescription company. PillPack is not simply a mail order drug service, they are a high functioning pharmacy and they provide organization as well as convenience. They deliver individually wrapped packages containing each day’s pills, labeled clearly and comprehensively. They are also proactive about following up; they pursue refills automatically, but also send the patient a text reminding them of the upcoming refill and delivery information. They charge no shipping or fees, the only cost is the standard co-pay. The website is designed simplistically, articulating the attractive qualities of PillPack; they are simple, organized, and modern.

Mail-order prescriptions are attractive for the simple sake of convenience, but PillPack is taking the idea and moving forward. With its labeled, separated packets, PillPack adds an element of safety which comes through organization. For anyone who has trouble with pill separators, or with remembering when they are supposed to take their pills, PillPack’s separation could be a lifesaver. The fact that they don’t charge any shipping or fees adds another element; PillPack is reaching out to those who can’t make it to a pharmacy because they cannot afford the transportation or physically are unable. Services like PillPack offer independence to these individuals, giving them the opportunity to take care of their health from their home.

Certainly PillPack the service is not perfect, as they have yet to integrate mobile apps into their system. This has to be the next step; with pill reminder apps already being an entity, PillPack could implement major mobile integration, giving their users a quick and constant level of control and information. But the service is moving forward, and we will certainly see a mobile aspect soon, as well as other companies offering similar services. After all, PillPack provides an often confusing field and situation with clarity and order.

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