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Peer Reviewed Treatments: Connectivity in Mobile Healthcare.

Published on June 2nd, 2014 by in Uncategorized

The world of mobile healthcare is constantly expanding, with its functions growing and varying. Now, doctors are able to take advantage of the widespread connectivity of mobile healthcare in a fascinating way. A new app called SharePractice is giving doctors a forum to discuss varying treatment plans and their benefits. The app acts like any other peer-review app, allowing doctors to post treatments that have worked for them, which other doctors can then affirm or reject. The app is similar to a health summit, or conference, where doctors could discuss their experiences and yet unpublicized treatments. The difference is that the app connects doctors all over the world instantly, and provides opportunities for bad ideas to be shut down just as much as for good ideas to be spread. The app is only available to licensed physicians, and they are given access to as much research as possible to validate their experiences. The app is designed to provide a starting point for doctors who are looking for alternate treatments, who are faced with cases that can’t be solved in the standard way, or who need to share a highly successful treatment.

With this, knowledge is being compounded, and treatment opportunities are only growing. The app provides a way for doctors to stay up to date on cutting edge treatments. In this age, diagnostic practices are rapidly improving, and treatment options have to keep up. People are being more thoroughly and correctly diagnosed with a larger span of diseases, but many people are allergic to certain medicines, or unable to use a certain treatment because of conflicting treatments for other ailments. The factors are copious, and an app such as SharePractice can assist in providing legitimate treatment options for those who cannot take the traditional route. There are also many diseases that are just now being discovered, and do not yet have a widely accepted treatment plan. Apps like SharePractice can provide a forum for deciding a primary treatment plan for these newly prominent diseases.

Mobile healthcare is not just a tool to be used for individuals, or doctor-patient connectivity. Apps like SharePractice show the wide-reaching aspect of mobile healthcare that will be a major factor in research of the future. The ability to pool information, combined with responses from qualified peers, is the beginning of research. As diagnostic abilities grow, and more diseases are identified, more treatments can be illuminated through experience. It is important, when discussing mobile healthcare and its future and benefits, to consider the impact it has in the diagnostic and treatment field – its impact there, as seen through an app such as SharePractice, is highly promising. SharePractice is making the world a little smaller, and the world of treatment opportunities a good deal larger.

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