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Nursing Informatics and IT Integration

Nursing Informatics is the specific field in which the practical and technological aspects of nursing are studied and managed. In the past thirty years it has grown and blossomed, and is now an significant and essential profession. Within the realm of nursing informatics, technology has grown rapidly in importance. Chief Nursing Informatics Officers now spend much of their time focusing on the integration of mobile technology into their processes. The CNIO often provides a crucial role as a bridge between the world of nursing and the world of IT, two fields that otherwise might barely intersect. As an expert in nursing practices and IT systems, a CNIO also brings a fresh perspective to the medical world.

The nurses job within the hospital system is varied and active, with an enormous amount of little activities occupying every spare moment. Nursing is a field that is ripe for technological and mobile integration. With the growth of the CNIO position and profession, nursing now has a bright future in relationship with IT. A main purpose of mobile healthcare is to provide the next level of efficiency without sacrificing any form of quality, and this is something that nurses need. Efficiency is a primary goal of a nurse, and a primary goal of technological advancement. When the two meet and work on their same goal, the advancements could be revolutionary.

A specific example of an advancement is the area of paperwork that nurses have to deal with. Nearly half of a nurses shift is spent filling out, organizing, or in some way dealing with paperwork. This is necessary for keeping precise and structured health records, appointment records, or prescription records among many other things. With the move toward the Electronic Health Records, nurses are gaining a bit of time by being able to fill things out on the computer and have immediate access to those same records. This can be taken a step further; technology is being released now that can automatically record vital signs of a patient into an electronic record, saving the nurse the time of entering it. As more and more paperwork becomes automatic and streamlined, nurses will have more time to spend with each patient individually, or time to see more patients, or time to do more background work. When technology and nurses meet, benefits abound for patients, nurses, and doctors. What is happening now in the integration of nursing and mobile healthcare, especially with the help of CNIO’s is exciting, but it is just the beginning!

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