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Mobile Platforms

DECIDE Mobility works on all major mobile devices.  We are competent and experienced in working with the right people from all over the world.  Be confident that we develop the best mobile applications.

iPhone Development

We are experts who have leveraged strong skills on the iPhone SDK with cutting-edge applications.  We stay ahead of the evolutionary phone-specific features like: multi-touch interface, accelerometer, proximity sensor, dialer, address book and calendar.  The latest iPhone utilities, including novelty and intuitive features, are part of our apps.

BlackBerry Development

We deliver incredible applications in BlackBerry’s J2ME support and web development environment.  Our experts effectively apply the object oriented development experience.

Android Development

As an open and fully customizable mobile platform, Android has a complete framework for mobile devices.  Google built Android based on the Linux Kernel and it includes an operating system, middleware and apps.  Our developers can access the Android source code to build innovative applications using the Android SDK.

Windows Development

Working in the Windows Mobile platform is easy for us because of our deep experience with Microsoft technologies like .NET and Visual Studio.  Our developers also ported applications and solutions from previous versions of Windows and Windows Mobile to the Windows Mobile platform.

iPad Development

As experts with the iPhone, we can replicate this on the iPad platform.  DECIDE develops innovative applications using state-of-the-art features like the multi-touch interface, location-based services, wireless and Bluetooth.

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