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Mobile is Reaching Everyone

If you believe that mobile devices are exclusively for educated home-owners who have disposable income, nice cars, and the free time to go to an Apple store – think again. Mobile devices are everywhere and reaching everyone.

With competitive cell phone companies, next generation smart phones, and deals that can draw in even the tightest of budgets, smart phones are in the hands of millions of people today.

All diversities, all incomes, all ages – no one is excluded from the mobile smart phone phenomenon. And because of this, apps are being designed for anything and everything.

Migrant farm workers are a large population in the state of California. They are also at tremendous health risk because of their daily work with pesticides.

The state of California recognized this need, this audience, and this problem, turned to technology and designed an app for them! They had noticed a rise in the number of smart phones within this group, and capitalized on that for educational health and wellness purposes.

The California Poison Control System, the largest poison-control agency in the country and a state funded program headquartered at USC San Francisco, created a free, bilingual, mobile app to help reduce human exposure to pesticides in California, encourage the reporting of exposure and reduce pesticide usage in homes.

Apps like this are being created left and right – health and wellness organizations, those who monitor health related risks, and many others are seeing a need and an educational opportunity and filling it with something so many people have, smart phones and apps.

Do you have an app that educates you on your health and wellness needs? What is the most useful health related app you have?

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