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Mobile Devices Offer Cheaper Healthcare Options

We’ve known this fact for decades.  Yet the statistics show that chronic conditions like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes are increasing.

The financial impact of these conditions, from Medicaid spending to the costs paid by the patients, is enormous.  We have proven that blaming the patient does little to improve their overall health.  Drugs and other medical intervention only treat symptoms, while doing little to actually improve the lives of chronic disease sufferers in the long run.

It is time to stop blaming the patient and provide tools that will help them engage in their own health.  Even though there are countless books, brochures and videos with instructions about how to change a patient’s health, a relatively small percentage are able to change their habits and maintain the recommended improved lifestyle.

Empower patients with mobile tools

Imagine the difference in the life of someone with recently diagnosed diabetes if they were given a Self-Care Mobile Application that can:

  • Track their food intake and suggest what can be eaten today to keep their diet healthy and balanced.
  • Suggest a variety of activities that can be done safely based on their diagnosis.
  • Record their actual physical activity with simple tools within the app.
  • Offer powerful tools for suggesting multiple weight loss options.
  • Monitor weight loss efforts and include other alternatives when the patient is not doing what is suggested in the program they have selected.
  • Record daily statistics for the blood sugar levels.
  • Remind them to check their blood pressure and record the results on the mobile app.
  • Give the patient suggestions how to cope with stress and sadness.
  • Even manage daily activities with a checklist of actions such as:

-          Take medication at prescribed times

-          Check their feet daily

-          Brush their teeth and floss twice each day

-          Be aware of any changes in eyesight

With the goal of empowering patients to take control of their health, mobile applications have much promise.  In a competitive medical environment, these tools could be a huge differentiator and bring increased profits to those practitioners who implement them.

Custom mobile applications can be designed to follow your specific recommendations.  They can be simple to monitor a few key points of patient self-care.  They are most beneficial if the application becomes a program that literally changes the lives of patients while boosting the income in your medical practice.

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