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Mobile Apps and Organization: Doctors Take Note!

Published on May 20th, 2014 by in Uncategorized

Mobile Healthcare is a field radically open to innovation as it is in its blooming stage. The Apple App store set up an official category for medical apps, separate from its health and fitness category. People are used to using their smartphones as handy organizers. Countless numbers of to-do list apps, scheduling apps, finance apps, and general notebook apps prove this by their existence. Now medical organization is being added to that list. People are able to keep track of appointments, medical history, lab results, prescriptions and more on one simple app.

One such app is called MyChart, by Epic. MyChart connects with your healthcare provider to give a list of medications, which can help when visiting multiple doctors and receiving multiple prescriptions. Mixing drugs is a main cause of ER visits, so being aware of your prescriptions and their information can be vital. MyChart also enables you to send messages to your clinic. This is a step towards easier communication with physicians, which can enable patients to get quicker, more comprehensive care. A review on the App Store by JSmithDMin reads, “This app has made a huge difference in my life. I also oversee my mother’s care and I have her chart on my phone as well. Great way to keep up with information and appointments.” Through the app MyChart, patients are able to be more active and informed about their medical situation, which provides much more comfort and can alleviate the stress of uncertainty. There are many apps like MyChart surfacing, which is creating healthy competition that will promote good innovation.

The only problem is that the healthcare provider must connect with the app in order for the patient to access information, and currently there is not a wealth of ready healthcare providers. In writing this article I downloaded MyChart to try it out and write a lengthier review, but none of my doctors or their practices was connected to MyChart or any of the other apps I tried, thus I couldn’t log in because I had no information to access. This renders the remarkable advancement of these organization apps useless. The technology has advanced to allow for great doctor/patient connectivity, to allow patients to be more active in their medical life than ever before. This should be of a great help to doctors, whose jobs get more natural with more available information. The word about medical healthcare and its organizational abilities simply needs to be a bigger priority, and physicians everywhere need to be educated on how the system really works. Once that happens, we may begin to see apps like MyChart on everyone’s phone.

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