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Is This The Doc For Me? MHealth Can Help.

Finding a new doctor can be a stressful and difficult situation for people, yet it is a normal part of adult life. A primary care physician can refer their patient to a specialist or other doctor, eliminating the difficult locating process; in some situations no referral is available, which leaves patients in a tight spot. This is especially true when moving to a new city, where the patient knows no doctors and has no peers to give doctor recommendations. Often, patients will wait until they grow close enough with locals to get a good recommendation, but some patients cannot afford to wait that long. This is an issue that seems perfect for a mobile health solution. With mobility, patients are able to connect with locals immediately and see recommendations and information about doctors.

There are websites that provide information about doctors, but there is not one that is recognized as a legitimate source of information, and none of them have app capabilities. There is an app, Yelp, which provides this service for businesses, offering information about the business and reviews from patrons. Yelp also has a section for doctor reviews, but the wide scoping nature of the app means that not every doctor and practice in the area is reviewed, and most do not have extensive commentary. The mobile healthcare world is ripe for a new app that provides peer evaluation and consensus on every doctor, as well as clear insurance information.

Another way mobile healthcare can help with the new patient process is through the use of Electronic Health Records. When transferring to a new doctor, it can be difficult for a patient to get their information to the new physician, and often there are questions on the primary paperwork about immunizations and other records that the patient does not have in their memory. If patients had access to their own records transferring doctors would be able to go more smoothly. A visit to a new doctor, or any doctor, should not be a stressful experience but a healing and informative one, and mobile healthcare can help make this happen. By helping patients get connected with the right doctor, and then helping the doctor transfer process go simply, mHealth is the answer to the difficult side of doctor/patient connectivity.

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