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Do You Have a Golden App Idea?

Published on June 1st, 2012 by in Uncategorized

You are a smart person with a great idea for an app.  How do you know whether the idea is the proverbial Goose that can lay golden eggs or a cooked Goose?  It’s not easy to answer that question.  Even for the seasoned experts.  There is a lot to learn about app development that goes way beyond the ability to code.

We will share some of what we know…

That headline may make you scratch your head in bewilderment about why a team of experts, with decades of practice in technology, would spend time and money telling you the secrets learned through sometimes agonizing experience.

It is true that the app world is a very competitive place where entrepreneurs, borrow, beg, push and prod to get ahead.  Most entrepreneurs who make their own apps lose money .  They lose a lot of money and sometimes it can’t always be easily explained why it did not work.

Countless people have a brilliant idea that is useful and seems to be the next big thing in iTunes.  They ask family and friends to get involved in the project.  Often they will borrow money from people they know.  Others may be asked to help create the app or participate in marketing.  Armed with confidence and excitement, they venture into the world of app development with full force.

According to recent statistics, 80 percent of these optimistic entrepreneurs fail to generate enough money to use the app as a business.  In fact, 59 percent actually are running in the red with huge losses.  At DECIDE, we know many of the reasons why.  We also know how to avoid most of those mistakes.

We believe that any good idea should be tested, researched and strategically developed.  Creating an app deserves time and attention.  There are only a few developers who offer this exploratory service.  Most developers will take your money and develop the app – with little thought about whether it will be profitable.

There is absolutely no doubt research concerning the feasibility and functionality of the app will increase your chances of being a winner.  As the entrepreneur with the great idea, you are probably too close to the concept to look at all the aspects of the app objectively.  In an article for www.fastcompany.com, Simon Oliver says that “Making a high-quality app is hard enough, but making one that is successful presents another set of challenges.”

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