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App Provides New Level of Mobile Health Connectivity

The world of mobile healthcare is coming to the average joe, with a new app from the American Red Cross offering connectivity to any smartphone owner. Often thus far mHealth has been of the most importance to those suffering from chronic diseases or a frequent need for doctor’s consultation, but with this new app the Red Cross is connecting every smartphone owner with donation and first aid. The Red Cross has had first aid apps for a few years, and they have proven very popular, offering information and solutions in the event of a disaster. In 2012, before Hurricane Sandy, over 400,000 apps were downloaded. Now, the Red Cross is taking the next step with their Blood App. The app connects donors with information about nearby blood drives, giving them the opportunity to see where their blood goes and to earn rewards. The app also lets people schedule a donation appointment that will connect with their calendar. The app is a great step towards connecting charities and smartphone users. With this app, we are beginning to see the benefits of mobile healthcare beyond just Telehealth and vital sign measurement. Mobile Healthcare as a vehicle for connectivity is excellent, and this is what the Red Cross is achieving.

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