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About Us

Decide Mobility breaks the mold for mobile applications. We break it by doing what we’ve always done – turn ideas into products that work. We see beyond the app and the website. We see beyond the emerging technology. We get that an app alone is seldom what people are trying to accomplish. People need to solve complex business problems with technology.

Not Our First Rodeomobile code

There was a time when getting a website up was all you needed to be temporarily famous and have dreams of endless venture capital coming your way. That came and went. What was the value in a website with static pages peddling some goods or service? The value came when the website started solving business problems. That’s when we came into play.

We have been in the emerging technology business since then. How we go about using the technology to solve business problems changes. How to solve business problems stays the same.

Bubble Busters

Who do you want as a partner? Do you want someone to just put a proposal in front of you?  Do you want someone to just take your money and will give you a flashy app in two months? Or do you want a partner who will challenge how good your idea is? Wouldn’t it be better to have a partner help make your idea better?

Over the years we have heard a lot of ideas. Some were really good, most not so much. How many competing products are out there? They may not all be exactly what you want to do, but fit the 90% overlap? 80%? 70%? What happens if they add the missing functionality before you get to market? What is the marketing plan? Just putting an app in the store is not going to make you rich. How much thought have you put into the user experience? How many steps do the users need to go through in the setup process?

We meet with people all the time and give them homework and research assignments before we can actually start work for them. We do not want to burst your bubble, we want you to be prepared to succeed. There is a difference and we know what that difference is.

The Decide Difference

We get it. We have been there. We know a good idea when we hear it. We know an idea that needs some homework. We can help you with the homework. We can help you with the idea. We can help you connect all the dots to achieve your goals.

Decide Mobility is located in Houston, TX.

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